Since I travel quite a lot, my backpack always contains food packed in beeswax wraps, thanks to which it stays fresh and tasty for a long time, and I also no longer have to "fight" with sticky napkins on the bread. 😅 Also, thanks to BajaBee I am a bit more ecological again, which makes me very happy and I highly recommend their products.
We travel, go on trips and we are always on the road and the kids are hungry. So we take snacks, nuts and fruit. I was thinking about how to avoid plastic bags. These beeswax wraps, which can be reused, are a great solution. You can pack absolutely anything into them or put them in a beeswax bag. For me, they are a great option for trips, to school or, for example, even to the fridge. I can only recommend.
Bajabee beeswax wraps are fantastic, I no longer have dried cucumbers, hard bread or dry cheese. They keep food fresh for up to 5 days. Great products 🫶
Before, my fruit, vegetables and bread would go moldy and I would constantly throw them away and buy new ones. BajaBee beeswax wraps are a GAMECHANGER for me, now I can't imagine life without them.
BajaBee beeswax wraps are a great thing. I use them every single day. Gradually they are becoming popular with us and other family members also like them. They are great for storing opened vegetables, covering bowls, packing snacks for a trip or storing homemade bread. For anyone still hesitating - don't hesitate! I recommend with both hands.
I consider myself a practical woman, I want to be prepared for everything and that's why I always carry beeswax wraps with me. They have helped me many times, especially with children on trips for packing uneaten food as well as when shopping. Beeswax wraps and bags are my right hand.
Before I tried BajaBee beeswax wraps, I didn't know them at all and didn't know what to expect. However, we liked them immediately at home and we most often pack fruits and vegetables in them, which stay incomparably fresh and crispy for longer. And the perfect design is just a bonus.
BajaBee beeswax wraps are amazing, I can't imagine a day when we wouldn't use them. We have a full fridge of them because we use them for absolutely everything. Foods stay fresh longer, so we don't waste them. We make full use of everything to 100%.
BajaBee beeswax wraps not only look beautiful, but they are extremely practical. We use them at home for packing vegetables, pastries or snacks for trips. Since they are available in different sizes, everything fits into the wraps and I am very happy that we have these beeswax wraps at home ❤️

About the beeswax wraps and bags from BajaBee®

Beeswax wraps and bags can keep food fresh 2 to 5 times longer. They are a sustainable alternative to plastic bags and are compostable. We handcraft them using high-quality natural materials.

These beeswax wraps can potentially save you hundreds of euros annually by preventing unnecessary food waste. They have unique preservation properties thanks to beeswax, which protects food from drying out and spoiling. Beeswax wraps extend the freshness of baked goods, cheese, vegetables, and fruit.

I first saw beeswax wraps at my sister's house. I loved the idea of packaging food in natural materials. They protect both food and our planet, so I decided to start making them for everyone.

About the beeswax wraps and bags from BajaBee®


Each beeswax wrap is an original and handmade, made with love for food and our planet. We cut the cotton fabric by hand and then wax it.

Made in Europe

Made in Europe

We use 100 % beeswax for the production of beeswax wraps. By buying beeswax wraps you support beekeepers and their bees.



By using beeswax wraps, you are helping to reduce the use of plastic packaging. They provide a natural alternative to plastic bags.



The BajaBee® beeswax wraps have been tested by the Health Authority of the Slovak Republic and are deemed suitable for direct contact with food from a health perspective.

Care of BajaBee beeswax wraps

Care of BajaBee beeswax wraps

Beeswax wraps are made from biodegradable materials. When the beeswax wraps reach the end of their lifespan, don't throw them in the trash, simply compost them.

Care of BajaBee beeswax wraps

Wash the beeswax wraps with cold water. You can also use a gentle, alcohol-free dish soap and a sponge, or simply rinse them off. Let them dry, and they are ready to be used again.

Care of BajaBee beeswax wraps

With proper care, you can use the beeswax wraps for up to a year. If the material comes into contact with hot objects, the wax melts, which can affect its lifespan. They are not suitable for the dishwasher, microwave, or for wrapping hot food.


What can I wrap in beeswax wraps?

You can wrap everything except raw meat and fish. Baked goods, cheese, fruits and vegetables, herbs and even leeks are suitable. You can wrap whole fruits and vegetables or cut them into pieces.

What if I am not satisfied with the beeswax wraps after trying them out?

We understand that our products might not appeal to everyone at first scent and touch. If you are not satisfied with them, please write to us and we will work together to find the best solution for you.

What if I am not satisfied with my shopping experience?

If you are dissatisfied with BajaBee for any reason or if you have received a damaged parcel, you can return the unopened goods to us within 14 days. Used beeswax wraps cannot be returned due to hygienic reasons.

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