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Why become a BajaBee influencer?

If you share our vision and are eager to join our journey against unnecessary plastic waste, then becoming a BajaBee influencer is for you. Together, we can save the world.
We will reward your efforts and provide you with exclusive benefits that not everyone has.

What does it mean to be a BajaBee influencer?

Being a BajaBee influencer means being our kindred spirit. You will help us spread our shared vision through your own channels, whether it's YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or by personally sharing with your friends.
We will gladly share your posts on our social media platforms. However, we expect regular collaboration at least twice a month, whether it's a post, story, video, reels, or review. You can also contribute to writing for our blog.

Benefits for you

For your efforts, you will receive various benefits. The main reward will be a 15% commission on sales.
To support you, we will provide you with a coupon code for your followers.
You will receive a BajaBee package from us at the beginning so that you can create content.
Additionally, we will reward you with gifts or even new products from our range.

Cooperation conditions

If you have the desire to change the world and challenge your followers' belief that life is impossible without plastic bags and food wrap, then you're the right fit. You should have a larger following (1,000+) and know how to engage with them. You should be willing to create photos and videos featuring BajaBee products and share them on your social networks. You will be able to invoice us for your services at the end of each month.

How to join us?

Send us an email at [email protected]. In the email, include the social media platforms where you present yourself, and then simply wait for our response 😊.

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