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We are a small family company that loves what we do. We love beeswax wraps. My name is Barbora, and my partner's name is Ivan.

Our story began in 2019 in my sister's kitchen. She had beeswax wraps laid out on the kitchen counter. She explained to me what they are and how they work. As soon as I got home, I ordered the ingredients to make them. I made a few for myself and a few for my family. Everyone loved them.

The idea came to us to make beeswax wraps for everyone. It took us a long time to mix the right ratio of beeswax, resin, and jojoba oil. From formulating the recipe, coming up with the brand name, testing with the Public Health Authority, creating an e-shop, packaging, advertising... we could finally bring BajaBee (pronounced Baja-Bee) into your homes. This whole process took a year and is still ongoing. We are constantly coming up with new product variations, optimizing processes, so that we continue to do what we do with joy and passion for our planet and all of us.

Did you know that the brand name consists of two words? Baja - my nickname, and Bee as in a little bee. Bees are important for our planet, just like beeswax is important for making beeswax wraps.

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