Beeswax wraps and beeswax bags

They keep food fresh for 2 to 5 times longer thanks to the preserving attributes of beeswax. Package food naturally and without plastic. For 365 uses.


BajaBee® beeswax wraps and beeswax bags keep food fresh for longer. Your food will last much longer in the fridge when they are packed in BajaBee products.
You can wrap baked goods, vegetables, fruits, cheese or even packed lunches in the beeswax wraps and bags.
BajaBee® is an environmentally friendly alternative to self-adhesive foil, plastic bags, and paper napkins. They are made of 100% cotton, beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil.
Beeswax wraps and beeswax bags can be used again and again for a whole year. If they lose their preservative properties, they can easily be refreshed by re-melting the beeswax with our WorkerBee product, and they'll be like new again.
Don't let your food spoil and pack it in BajaBee®. This way you protect the environment and also your wallet.


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