5 tips for eco-friendly (corporate) gifts

5 tips for eco-friendly (corporate) gifts

Even at Christmas, it's important that we contribute to sustainability and simultaneously expand the famous love for the environment. One way to achieve this is by choosing eco-friendly gifts for family or friends and also corporate gifts for employees and business partners.


1. Beeswax wraps: Beeswax wraps keep food fresh for longer, making them a perfect helper in the household. Besides, they are easily washable and reusable. They are a practical ecological gift for family, business partners, or employees.

2. Beeswax bags: Another original eco-friendly gift are beeswax bags. These bags are not only beautiful and practical, but are also 100% compostable. They serve as a replacement for microfiber bags and help reduce the amount of plastic waste.


3. Beeswax candles: Beeswax candles are not only beautiful but also ecological. Beeswax is a natural material obtained from processing honey and is fully biodegradable. You can give these candles to your employees for their desks or to the family as a symbol of light that illuminates your relationship.

4. Eco-friendly bags: Bags made from recycled materials or natural fibers are a sustainable solution for corporate gifts and the household. The bags are not only practical for carrying things but also promote your responsibility towards the environment.

5. Coffee: Coffee is a popular gift that delights almost everyone. If you want to choose an ecological alternative, invest in fair trade coffee. Choose coffee in recyclable packaging or in a package-free format, thereby contributing to the reduction of plastic waste.


When selecting corporate gifts and gifts for loved ones, it is important to think about their ecological impact. Suitable gifts not only save the environment but also send a positive message about you. With ecological gifts, you can show that you are ready to act for the good of our planet.

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