How to take care of beeswax wraps and bags ?

How to take care of beeswax wraps and bags ?

Beeswax wraps and bags from BajaBee are made of beeswax, resin, jojoba oil, and 100% cotton fabric. We melt everything, mix it together, and work it into the fabric. This process can only occur at temperatures above approximately 70°C. Beeswax begins to melt at a temperature of 65°C, and resin becomes completely liquid at 80°C.
Therefore, beeswax wraps and bags should not be washed in a dishwasher, as the material would start to dissolve. Wash wraps and bags only in cold water.

how to wash beeswax wraps

You can also use eco soap, and sometimes it's enough to simply shake off the crumbs. You don't need to turn the beeswax bag inside out. Just fill it with water, let the crumbs soak for a while, rinse it out, and wipe it with a sponge.
Allow wet beeswax wraps to air dry and reuse them.
Protect beeswax wraps and bags from direct sunlight and avoid storing them near heat sources.

beeswax wrap covering a jug

We use beeswax wraps all the time. They are most commonly used for packaging baked goods, but also for cheese and vegetable wrapping, and last but not least, for packing snacks when we go on trips.
If you want your beeswax wraps to last as long as possible, take good care of them. We have been using the same beeswax wraps for a year now, but I admit that it's time to trim them a bit and either compost them or use them as fire starters, for example, in a grill. They burn very well :)

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