Three ways to keep tomatoes fresh

Three ways to keep tomatoes fresh

No paper or airtight plastic bags. Instead, reach for BajaBee, a reusable beeswax food wrap that breathes and protects.

1. Large Tomatoes in a Beeswax Bag

Large fleshy tomato varieties, such as Bull's Hearts, are stored in a closed beeswax bag at room temperature. In the bag, they are protected, but at the same time, they can breathe and release ethylene gases. Green tomatoes from the garden can also be placed in the bag, where they will ripen beautifully.

tomatoes in a beeswax bag

2. Cherry Tomatoes in a Covered Bowl

Small cherry tomatoes are placed in a bowl, which is then covered with a beeswax wrap. We warm the wrap with our hands and press it onto the bowl to seal it. BajaBee preserves the freshness of the tomatoes and also protects them from fruit flies.

tomatoes in a covered bowl

3. After Cutting, Into the Fridge

A cut tomato is stored in the refrigerator for the next day. The cut side is covered with a beeswax wrap of size S and placed in the fridge with this side up. The tomato can breathe but remains protected by this "second skin".

cut tomato covered with a beeswax wrap


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