What should I do if my food goes moldy in my BajaBee?

What should I do if my food goes moldy in my BajaBee?

Humans are creatures prone to making mistakes. Sometimes, we may inadvertently leave food in a BajaBee beeswax wrap or beeswax bag, and mold may develop.

So, what should you do if mold appears?

If the mold is minimal and hasn't adhered to the beeswax wrap or beeswax bag, you can clean it off using soap and a sponge in cold water.

If the mold has stuck to the beeswax wrap, you can iron it at high heat between two sheets of parchment paper.

For a beeswax bag, follow the same ironing procedure but also insert a sheet of parchment paper inside the bag to prevent the sides from adhering to each other. Act swiftly, remove the parchment paper while it's still warm, and then let it cool down.

If the mold growth is extensive and mature, we recommend cutting up the BajaBee beeswax wrap and composting it. It's best to avoid using such a wrap due to potential health risks.

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