How to reduce plastic consumption?

How to reduce plastic consumption?

Disposable plastics end up in landfills, rivers, or littered in nature after use. They can be lethal to animals that swallow them or get trapped in them. The chemicals in them have a negative impact on human health. So why do we keep buying them? Let's do better.

1. Replace plastic bags with BajaBee wax wraps and bags

You can use them 365 times and then renew them with wax, or compost them. Food stays fresher longer in them, saving you money.

2. Do you use sponges in the kitchen?

We offer you a natural alternative, a loofah, designed for washing dishes, kitchens, bathrooms, or for body peeling. The loofah is 100% natural and compostable. If you are in the kitchen often, you will certainly also use our universal wipes (our tip: they do not smell even after prolonged use and you can wash them)

3. Bring your own bag for shopping

Don't buy plastic or paper bags, bring your own cloth bag to the store, which will last for years. Use drawstring bags for fruits and vegetables.

drawstring bag for food

4. Waste separation is great

But it's even better to produce as little waste as possible. If possible, fill up your own bottle with water. If you buy bottled water, return the bottle for deposit or dispose of it properly.

5. Clean Bee

If you use dishwashing detergents, we have an alternative for you - a natural solid cleaning cube, which lasts more than 6 months. Simply rub the loofah against it and you can wash dishes.


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