Upcycling - create new things from old items.

Upcycling - create new things from old items.

Impulse buying. A phrase that many of us have experienced first-hand. Today, stores expend a huge amount of financial resources on mapping the shopping behavior of their customers. Not to mention that the packaging is enticing and it's very difficult not to succumb to it. Upon entering a shopping mall, we feel like we need everything.

We're going to buy a sweater and suddenly find ourselves buying a new travel suitcase. Our closets then pile up with a lot of unused clothes that lose their charm once brought home. If you don't want to throw everything away immediately, get to know upcycling.


Breathe new life into things

It is said that upcycling is better than recycling. With recycling, we're still getting rid of unnecessary things and relying on technological processes for waste sorting. Upcycling, on the other hand, breathes new life into things. Let's imagine it this way. Our closets are piling up with oversized shirts and we have no idea what to do with them. Grab scissors, needle, and thread in your hands and turn the unused shirt into trendy shirt dresses that are unique.

Upcycling is often associated with clothing. With simple tricks, you can breathe new life into unnecessary clothing and save on additional purchases of trendy pieces. What's more, you're not generating unnecessary waste. The truth is, upcycling isn't limited to your wardrobe.


Upcycling can transform your entire household

Small glass jars, in which some types of yogurts can be bought, can be used for homemade tiramisu. From old clothes, you can easily create pillows or other home accessories. Unused flower pots are turned into a pen holder. Imagination has no limits and it's up to you how to use unnecessary things in the household. One option is to start creating with your children – turn old clothes into trendy clothing for dolls.

Upcycling can take many forms. In addition to not producing unnecessary waste, you also get original pieces for your wardrobe or household.

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