7 tips on how to use beeswax

7 tips on how to use beeswax

Every product produced by bees is amazing, and one of them is undoubtedly beeswax. It is not only one of the main ingredients of BajaBee beeswax wraps but also has various uses in households. Bees create wax as the foundation for the structure of their hives. They excrete it from special glands, chew it, and create perfect hexagonal honeycombs with mathematical precision. When beekeepers collect honey, they remove the lid from each of these hexagonal cells to access the honey. These lids are melted and filtered to remove non-wax particles, resulting in beeswax, which is used in the cosmetic industry.

Benefits of beeswax:

  • It creates a barrier that helps retain moisture in the skin. This property is particularly useful in cosmetics during the cold winter months, such as hand creams and lip balms.
  • It protects the skin from toxins, providing a protective barrier while allowing the skin to breathe, unlike petroleum jelly.
  • It is excellent for homemade cosmetics because it solidifies at room temperature and starts melting at around 60°C.
  • It contains vitamin A, which improves skin hydration and promotes cell regeneration.


Tips for using beeswax at home:


1. Refreshing beeswax wraps:

If you notice that your beeswax wraps are no longer performing well, you can reapply pure beeswax or our beeswax blend called WorkerBee.


WorkerBee beeswax for repairing beeswax wraps


2. No more squeaking:

Old furniture has its charm, but it often starts squeaking after years of use. Natural lubrication in the form of beeswax can solve the problem with creaking drawers or doors.



3. Candles with soul:

Choosing a candle in the store may be easier, but homemade candles have their unique charm. Making a beeswax candle is not difficult at all. You only need a suitable container, beeswax, essential oil, and a wick. The wick can be a wooden one that fills the long winter evenings with soothing crackling sounds. You can also experiment with the candle container. Besides glass, a dried orange peel half serves well.


4. Shoes for all occasions:

Canvas shoes are prone to getting wet and dirty. Try rubbing them with beeswax to prevent damage. Simply work the wax into the shoes with a cloth, melt it with a hairdryer, wipe off any excess, and you're done.



5. Taming a stubborn zipper:

A zipper that hasn't been used for a while can become stubborn, requiring more effort than necessary to zip up and down. If it starts causing trouble, rub its teeth with beeswax, and you'll see that it will glide smoothly again.



6. Homemade crayons for kids:

If you or your children feel like having a creative moment, you can make homemade beeswax crayons. Simply melt soap shavings and beeswax in equal proportions, add a few drops of food coloring, mix well, and let the crayons harden for a few hours.

7. Prevention against rust and weathering:

Beeswax can protect against rust and weathering before they even occur. If you want to keep your new tools in the best condition possible, take a piece of beeswax and rub it into the metal parts. Then wipe off any excess with a cloth.

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