Beeswax wraps: a way to free your household from plastics

Beeswax wraps: a way to free your household from plastics

Unnecessary plastics are lurking at us at every turn these days. We've gotten used to them because they make our lives easier. We don't have to think about how to package food or cosmetic products - we simply buy them in single-use packaging. However, the state of our nature constantly reminds us that this path leads to hell in the form of a polluted environment. Let's admit it - none of us feels comfortable among tons of waste. Yet, it is nature again that has an answer for us in food packaging. If you don't yet know about beeswax wraps, our following lines are intended directly for you.


Beeswax Wraps and Bags - What They Are and What They Are Used For

Bees play a huge role in our environment. Many sources agree that they are responsible for producing more than 80% of the plant food that we consume. Yes, you read correctly. Bees are an important link in the production chain. They are pollinators.
In addition, however, they also create a number of products that are key to humans. Each of us will immediately remember honey and its healing effects. Less known, however, is beeswax, which is gaining a strong position as a packaging material. Beeswax wraps are a natural product that you can easily use for packaging food and many other things. We have no doubt that they will find their use in your home. Simply warm the beeswax wrap with your hands and it will instantly adapt to any container you need to cover. You can also use it effectively to pack food for work or school.



The key advantage is that you can use beeswax wraps and bags repeatedly

It's simple. After use, wash the beeswax wraps in cold water with a little eco-soap and a gentle sponge, let them dry, and use them again. If the wax layer wears off, simply rewax the wrap or bag with WorkerBee wax bees and they will be as good as new. And what happens when they have served their purpose? Simply compost them or use them as a solid fire starter and again no unnecessary waste is generated.


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