BajaBee presents news.

BajaBee presents news.

We bring you two product innovations that every kitchen needs.

1. Clean Bee - Natural Solid Cleaning Cube

Suitable for daily dishwashing and kitchen counter cleaning. Depending on the frequency of washing, Clean Bee lasts more than 6 months. Simply rub a loofah or sponge over it and start cleaning. It contains only castor oil, saponified coconut oil, and water.

Clean Bee

2. Cutting Board made from Sustainable Beech Wood

The Solid wooden board for cutting meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, fruits and even baked goods. It has a groove around the edge for juice runoff.

Due to its natural properties, beech wood is ideal for making cutting boards. Beech wood is very sturdy and durable. When you pick up the board, you will notice the high quality thanks to the weight of the board and its velvety surface. Our boards come from 100% qualified timber industry.

Cutting Board

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